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HR Policy

The HR Policy of National Information Technologies JSC (hereinafter: the Company) is an integral long-term HR management strategy and its major goal is complete and timely satisfaction of the Company`s needs in labour resources among well-qualified personnel.

The HR Policy is based on the Company`s Strategy-Team. Thus, our current and future achievements are common achievements of our people forming a professional, reliable and close-knit team.  The team rationally applying knowledge and technologies; team capable of keeping words and constantly raising the standards; team where each member bears an ability to follow common goals as well as high motivation to achieve results.

The HR Policy is intended to provide the Company with well-qualified personnel across all the National Information Technologies JSC activities. Our priority is to preserve and increase the competences of the employees, maintain those at a high level complying with up-to-date standards.  

The HR Policy major tasks are as follows:

  • Optimization and stabilization of staff composition at structural units of the Company;
  • Creation and development of effective incentive program for the Company`s employees;
  • Establishment and maintenance of workflow in the Company, enhancement of workplace and shop-floor discipline;
  • Creation and development of further training system for specialists and managers;
  • Establishment and enhancement of corporate culture and business ethics in the Company.

Various communication channels are used when searching for employees

  • Publication of announcements at the Company’s website, corporate portal, specialized websites.
  • Appeal to employment agencies.
  • Search in the CV database regularly provided to the Company.

Decision-making on personnel selection

  • Chairman of the Board or Deputy Chairman of the Board decides on hiring a successful candidate
  • Handling the formalities related to establishment of labour relations
  • Conclusion of an employment contract and issuance of an order on hiring.