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Notarized consent of spouses can be obtained online via eGov Mobile app

Now, notarized consent of spouses can be obtained online via eGov Mobile app. Integration between the information systems of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republican Notary Chamber and National Information Technologies JSC enables citizens notarizing documents in a couple of minutes with no need to visit a notary public.

An additional capability to issue a notarized consent of spouses has become available in the "eNotary" service of the eGov mobile app. Consent provision procedure is carried out online through biometric verification, then a client's data is checked by a notary public, then after confirmation of consent, a notarized document is issued.

"As you know, in April, the eNotary service was launched in the eGov Mobile app, which is now popular among Kazakhstani citizens. Citizens can notarize any document from anywhere in the world using this service. The service is convenient because you do not need to search for a notary public and make a visit to notarize documents in paper. Now, consent of spouses can also be obtained online in a couple of minutes," said Rostislav Konyashkin, Chairman of the Board, National Information Technologies JSC.

To obtain the consent of spouses , one needs to:

- log in to the eGov Mobile app;

- open "eNotary" service on the homepage;

- select the relevant type of action from the list: "consent"; 

- fill-in an application form and undergo biometric verification;

- get consent of a spouse by a video call;

- make a payment for notary public services.

Upon completion of a video call, a user has a capability to view the status of an application in the "Notarial Actions" section. One can check an officially certified power of attorney for authenticity by scanning QR code with video camera in the "Digital Documents" section of the eGov Mobile application.

A generated power of attorney will be available in the "Digital Documents" service and can be submitted at the place of demand.